Minimalist Business 101

What’s a Minimalist Business (MB)?

A MB is a one-person microbusiness that operates from a laptop computer from anywhere in the world. It’s the answer to the creative person’s dissatisfaction with feeling like a square peg in the round holes that comprise most of the corporate world.

A minimalist business (MB) operates from anywhere and travel with you everywhere.
— Baz

Flexibility & mobility

MBs can operate from anywhere and travel with you everywhere. They provide real-world solutions to the issues and challenges of a highly targeted market, thereby creating customer loyalty and increasing opportunities for revenue generation.

MBs offer impressive revenue generation. For example, as I describe in a post contained in the MB Survival pack (free when you subscribe), just 333 loyal customers could bring a minimalist business owner (MBO) over $249,000 from just one revenue stream. 



At their core, MBs are structured around the owner’s most meaningful work – the work that their DNA codes them to do better than anything else. MBs are perfect for the creative professional who wants the flexibility to travel when they want and work on projects they’re passionate about. 

Minimal Overhead / Maximum Profits

While a thriving MB can generate high six-figure revenues, start-up costs are minimal. When compared to the start-up capital required from a traditional small business, MBs can be up and running and generating revenue within a few days will very little investment.

Because overhead is minimal, profits realized in a MB are maximized.That means the MBO is free to pursue the hobbies and recreational activities that most interest them. Many MBOs travel much of the time and operate their MBs from the road, like I will in 2017.

I started MBA to offer training and resources for corporate captives who long for the freedom of pursuing their most meaningful work.
— -Baz


The corporation doesn’t want you to leave. They will keep enticing you with incremental pay raises, an additional week of vacation, all the while increasing your mundane workload and expecting you to travel and work even longer hours. But if the economic tide turns and it makes sense to cut you from the corporate rolls, you’re history….in many cases without warning.

That's what happened to me.

For years I was the square peg trying to make a corporate career work. But it never did; I always felt out of place and would look at meeting attendees and try to figure out what made them so seemingly content with their career choices. 

When I was laid-off from my last management position after nearly 10 years of service -at age 56- I was finally free to pursue to kind of work that my DNA coded me to do - my most meaningful work (MMW). 

I first set up a consultancy doing the same kind of work I did for my employer to achieve immediate cash flow, but soon transitioned into work that based on my talents in writing, coaching and teaching. I’ve never looked back.


There are many free resources available here on MBA. Entire books,  in depth tutorials, etc. They exist to give those who truly desire to make a change in their life a fighting chance.

There are several ways to begin preparing to leave work you hate and embrace the work you love without risking anything.