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Why, When, and How to Set Up Your Affiliate Program

Think of affiliate programs as hiring a thousand part-time sales people with no up-front costs. No messy I-9 forms, no proving their citizenship (or demanding their birth certificate) or anything like that. Just willing souls, all with blogs or websites who want to help sell your eBook.

I mean, what could be better? A money tree? Well, in a way, your own affiliate program is kind of like a money tree!

Why You Want to Start and Affiliate Program

Imagine have 1,000 part-time sales people who love you, your Rockstar Business, and all the rockin’ good stuff you bring to their online doorstep. Now imagine them all hitting the road (virtually, that is) and knocking on doors selling your eBook.

Imagine further that you’re offering them a healthy commission for their efforts…oh, and did I mention they have huge email lists of people who might just LOVE your eBook?

Now imagine the sales rolling in from their referrals! Soon your Rockstar Business is rolling in the Benjamins and the commissions you pay your one-thousand uber-cool affiliates is just the down payment on future income from the people they sold your eBook to!

That’s the power of an affiliate program. And it’s not just a one-time benefit. The new customers that your affiliates sold will not become part of your Online

Business blog and start progressing through your sequence of products and services. Sound good? Want to learn more? ☺

Affiliate programs can benefit your Rockstar Business by:

  • Improving your Google rankings
  • Recruiting more part-time sales people
  • Exploding the reach of both your eBook and your blog
  • Adding handsomely to your bottom line

How To Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program

Gumroad is my payment processor of choice


A recommended service to sign up for is Gumroad. Not only are they a great payment processor that charges much less than PayPal, but now Gumroad offers an affiliate program that you can run and they handle all the subscriptions, the creation of affiliate links, and affiliate payments.

Gumroad pays their affiliates every Friday directly into their preferred back account. So it’s like getting a regular paycheck. That’s some every Online Rockstar can appreciate!

There is also another option that I’ve used before, E-Junkie.

There is also another option that I’ve used before, E-JUNKIE.’s free trial version of their ecommerce system: E-JUNKIE is not only a payment processor like Gumroad and PayPal, but you can also create your own affiliate program via their services. However, they rely on support checkouts using PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Advanced, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, TrialPay, ClickBank and 2Checkout.


Write a Sales Page for Your Affiliate Program

Next you’ll want to use your sales page writing skills that you learned in Lesson 2 to craft a sign-up page for your affiliate program. On this page you’ll explain why how your readers can make extra money by signing up for your affiliate program.

Be sure to give them an affiliate commission rate of at least 40%, but if you take my lead, you’ll go with 50% like I do. This percentage is a like a down payment on the future income your new readers will send your way.

Don’t worry about losing the 51% of each sale because each represents 49% of a sale you didn’t have to generate or even see without the help of your affiliates. ☺

Your affiliates are like your goose that lays the golden egg. Treat themnicely and they will keep laying those eggs.

Train Your Affiliates like VIPs

As I just said, your affiliates are golden and they should receive a good portion of your attention. When they do, they will produce for you. Let them languish out in Nowheresville where they rarely hear from you and they won’t.

Here are some things you can do for your affiliates to keep them motivated:

  1. Create a separate email list for affiliates and send them special communications monthly
  2. Create 125 x 125 pixel ads for them to place on their website or blog to link back to your sales page; they will generate the link codes from E-JUNKIE
  3. Likewise create banners and email text letters for them to use or edit for their own newsletters
  4. If you host a forum on your blog, create a private area for affiliates to network, ask questions, and get images and ideas for promoting your eBook
  5. Give them advanced notice on all new products in your sequence as they near completion

There are a lot of ways to cater special attention to your affiliates and keep them motivated to promote your eBook. It’s safe to say that affiliates are your Rockstar Business’ VIPs. Treat them like it. ☺

How to Recruit Affiliates Into Your Program

Most of your affiliates will come from your fan base but sometime it’s appropriate to make a special effort to recruit new affiliates.

  • You can do this by altering the bio box on your guest posts to reflect the presence of your affiliate program and a link to its sign up page.
  • Your most effective affiliates will be like-minded bloggers with readers in the niche area as your blog. Focus on recruiting them via the relationship you developed using Twitter and email.
  • Finally, create a series of posts that chronicle the success of you most active affiliates. Interview them over the phone then record and post the interview. If you can shoot a video interview using your iPhone, Android, GoPro or any other mobile video device, even better!
  • Remember, video blows away text and audio. ☺

How to Pay Your Affiliates

You’ll need to pay them after they’ve earned their commissions. Gumroad does this automatically. , e-JUNKIE and PayPal again make things pretty easy and offer instruction on their sites. While e-JUNKIE will track your affiliate sales and generate a report for you detailing the sales each month,

PayPal will allow you to ‘mass-pay’ for affiliates in one transaction. Let your affiliates know how long after month’s end you will be paying them and do this on the same day each month before transferring money out of your PayPal account.