Welcome to the New Version of MBA on Squarespace!

Out with the old an in with the new

I like this much better!

I like this much better!

For years I've been a WordPress (WP) die-hard and have used the WP platform for all my online businesses. However, over time I've become increasingly frustrated.

It wasn't that there weren't enough themes (they number in the thousands), but the functionality I sought required more detailed knowledge of CSS and HTML 5 than I am willing to engage with.

And so....<<drumroll>>... the site you're reading right now is the new site. Gone is the site that looked like this image below:

The old version of MBA on a self-hosted WordPress site

The old version of MBA on a self-hosted WordPress site

Sometimes you can't ignore the buzz

I still love WP. In fact, I still run it on my three other websites here, here, and here. So it's not like I'm abandoning the WP world. In fact, I still think it's the best option for those websites.

But for a few years now, I've been hearing about the flexibility and functionality perks associated with Squarespace. I've been looking at making the switch for MBA for a while, and late last week I took the leap.

For most of the day I worked on the new site, transferring files and such over to Squarespace, learning the new environment, and finally getting the layout and formatting to where I was happy with it.

Thus far, the buzz around Squarespace is proving true. To be certain, the stuff behind the scenes is a completely different approach than WP, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Would I Recommend Squarespace to my Readers?

I'm not certain I can do that yet, but I'm getting close. I still need another week or so of working in it everyday to see whether it's good choice for the newbie. 

But I'll let you know soon. :-)

P.S. Today is Christmas Eve and I'd like to wish you all the best the season has to offer.