The UK in Winter - Why I'm Going in the Middle of January


In 1976, I was 18 and traveling alone for the first time. I'd saved my money from a job I hated (pumping fuel at Jiffy Gas) and booked a charter flight to England. While I was there, I grew up rapidly in the way that only travel that induce,  and adopted a life-long fascination with my own country's mother-nation. 

Next month I'm visiting the UK in the middle of winter. Again, I'll be traveling alone and visiting some of the same sights and attractions that captivated me on that first journey. I'll also be seeing my friend of 40 years who lives near Derbyshire.

But...London in Winter?

Yes, I understand that quizzical look on your face. And yes, it sounds a little crazy. I guess I could attribute it to killer travel deals that won't be found in the spring and summer, but that's not the real reason I'm traveling to England in the middle of winter.

I'm traveling to England in the middle of winter because it seemed a fun thing to do...and because I enjoy journeying in the winter.

As I reflect back over the years, I have a tendency to embark on winter journeys. I've been to Alaska seven times, four of those trips were in winter. Last January's journey via Amtrak train across the US was in winter. The five days I spent in Denver, Colorado at my friend Cheryl's house was an adventure in snow and ice. Our tour of the Red Rocks Amphitheater in a heavy snow was magical.


It seems winter journeys appeal to me on their own merit. There is a unique aspect to traveling in winter and not just to take in the skiing or other snow sports. It's the romantic aspect of travel and the hot cup of steaming tea waiting just inside the cafe. It's the appeal of the fireplace crackling in the pub on a cold, overcast day as a pint of Guinness draft warms my belly.

2016 Journeys

As I just mentioned, in January of 2016 I traveled via train across the US from California to Chicago and on to South Carolina. I booked travel back over a period of a few weeks via plane visiting family and friends along the way. Later in the year, in June, I rode my BWM R1150 GS with my son following behind on his BWM R1100RT across the US and then back again alone.

At the Grand Canyon with my son Benjamin in July 2016
At the Grand Canyon with my son Benjamin in July 2016

When I started MBA, I publicly committed to traveling more often as a feature of my life. I'd been taking journeys on my own for the past several years but during that time I wasn't a digital nomad.

In all the places I've been, and for the reasons I traveled to them, travel itself is the experience I love. Nothing else quite puts me in the present moment like travel. 

It could be the continual movement, the learning new places and routines, or just the thrill of waking up in a new city. Whatever it is that drives me to dream up and execute my journeys, I honor it and am always better for doing so.

For decades, I didn't travel. I chose instead to be stationary and live my life in the same 25 square miles that defines the life of most Americans. I had children to raise and a career to attend to. 

Now that I am on the other side of all those things, travel is what calls me and my MB makes it possible.

2017 Journeys

In the coming year, I want to visit friends in Canada and New Zealand. I'll also to flying to Oklahoma in early February to attend my son-in-law's graduation from U.S. Air Force flight school. All the while, I'll be running my MB while I'm traveling. My MB is what will allow me to do so.

And that's the whole point of the MB - to travel at will and do the things we want to do while our MB funds our activities.

As I plan my journey to England, I'll be sharing with you what's going on. I have some video posts planned for the blog. I've begun compiling notes and facts that will hopefully make my journeys, and yours, smoother and more enjoyable.

Where will you be going this year?

Do you have journeys planned for 2017? Will they be to familiar places or new ones? Please tell me in a comment of over on the Facebook page...I'd love to hear about it!