NEP + TA + DNG + IO + WS + OP + IBF2 = MB (& $$)


What does it take to create, develop, and sustain a thriving minimalist business?

Just my secret formula of 12 herbs and spices. Ok, not really...that's KFC.  :roll: 

Here's the real formula:

NEP + TA + DNG + IO + WS + OP + IBF2 = MB (& $$)

Clear as mud, right?  8-) 

Today I released a new resource for subscribers only. It's an 80+ page full-length book, Minimalist Business Formula: 6 Essential Elements for Building a Thriving Minimalist Business.

It's a $49 value that I'm giving away

Sure, I could've made it a premium offering, but I want everyone who truly desires real change to have access to it. It represents the most robust free resource I've ever given away to subscribers. 

The book is built around the six essential elements required to create, develop, and sustain a thriving MB.

They include: 

  •  An unshakeable business idea that finds its origins in your no-end-path [NEP]
  • A clearly-defined target audience [TA] with an obvious deep-need-gap [DNG]
  • An irresistible offer[IO] that brings together your NEP and your TA’s DNG
  • A clear and workable solution [WS] that produces consistent results
  • A dynamic onlineplatform [OP] that continually attracts and qualifies new clients / customers
  • An internal business funnel[IBF] that leads a client through ever-increasing levels of training… and loyalty

Click the image below and get it now!

Subscribers can go to the top-secret freebie page and download it now. But if you're not yet a subscriber, then click the image below and become one now! You'll be able to download it in just a few simple steps.

But wait, there's more! 

Man, I am cracking myself up today with all these one liners!  :-D So, with all seriousness....I'm also really excited because the book is the companion guide for the MB Formula Masterclass! 

The Masterclass is a six-module video course that enables you to kickstart the launch of your minimalist business, get expert coaching, and personal guidance from me. You can click this link to learn more about the masterclass!

But be sure to click the image above to download your free copy of my book (if you haven't already done so)!