How To Know the 'Why' Behind Your Minimalist Business and Attract a Legion of Like-Minded Followers


There is a pattern that exists among the most recognizable brands and companies that sets them apart. Apple Computer, Elvis Presley, and Harley-Davidson are all examples of companies that are set apart from their competitors even though they make the same products.

In my thinking, these firms are more like a religion than they are a business. They have charismatic leaders, fervent evangelists, legions of followers, and common meeting places.

Simon Sinek, a thinker writer and speaker, argues that unless we know why we do something, we'll never attract others to our idea or cause. He captures this perfectly in a TEDx talk in the video below.

Before you watch this 18-minute video (I know that's asking a lot from you so watch it later it you like), here's the gist of Simon's talk:

"If you know why you do something, then you'll attract people to your cause that believe what you believe."

Sinek's Golden Circle Illustrates This

  • Why reflects your core beliefs; that which defines your purpose
  • How is how you express this deeply felt beliefs
  • What is the process you go through to get there


Wasn't that great? Sinek's talk provides you and I with the opportunity to position our minimalist businesses (MBs) as affectively as that of Apple, Harley Davidson or even the King himself, Elvis Presley. All we have to do is drill down past the what and the how and get to the why.

Here's the Why Behind Minimalist Business Academy


I'm committed to the idea that everyone should be be actively engaged in work they love and are passionate about doing; the kind of work that blurs the line between work and play and that fully expresses their dominant themes


By creating a sustainable one-person online business that provides for their emotional, creative, and financial well being; a business that operates from anywhere and travels with them everywhere


Minimalist Business Academy is the online hub that's dedicated to teaching others how to do this. Want to join me?

See how that makes so much more sense than just blurting out, "Hey there, want to start a business? I can help!"

Let's Figure Out Your Why

First, start with the beliefs you have around your idea for your MB. For me, the list looked like this:

  • Independence
  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Business
  • Writing
  • Passion
  • Teaching

Yours will be different and that's OK. They reflect what's important to you, not necessarily, me. Go ahead and jot down a list of beliefs and/or principles that are important to you around your MB.

Second, create a statement that sums up your strongest beliefs. It doesn't have to mention the beliefs, but it should summarize how you feel about them.

Mine is:

I'm committed to the idea that everyone should be be actively engaged in work they love and are passionate about doing. 

Finally, describe what your MB offers the world in terms of your beliefs. According to Sinek, it's probably very close to how you described it before viewing his video. 

Mine is:

Minimalist Business Academy is the online hub that's dedicated to teaching others how start a sustainable, minimalist business that operates from anywhere and travels with you everywhere. Want to join me?

Why This Is Important

Firstly, it's important to know and understand your why so that you can communicate in the most effective manner with your readers and potential customers. Without going through this exercise and defining what you do what you do, you might never drill deep enough to mine the gold that's waiting far below the surface stuff of your marketing communications. Now you can begin to write your blogs posts and emails in a way that reflects the deeper reasons why your MB exists and not just with the superficial how to

Secondly, it's important because now you'll begin to attract readers and customers that are like-minded. They believe what you believe. It's why legions of fans line up outside Apple stores when a new iPhone debuts. It's why millions of people flock to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee each year to tour the home of the legendary King of Rock-n-Roll. It's why tens of thousands of Harley riders descend on the tiny town of Sturgis, South Dakota for the annual Harley Davidson motorcycle rally.

Knowing your why is crucial for success as a MB. So, get busy!  8-)