Every Corporate Writer is a Square Peg in a Round Hole Whether They Admit It or Not


For nearly a decade I told myself that my corporate writing position wasn't selling out my dream. I've always been really good at rationalizing everything that I tolerate. 

  • Getting hit by an abusive (now ex) spouse
  • Living on an insulting salary from the corporate behemoth
  • Telling my son that me staying home for a week was actually my vacation

If you're not a writer, you won't get it

I'm no different from every other corporate writer. Every single one of us has the dream of making a living based on what we create and publish. And a corporate report, a technical proposal, or a management briefing wasn't ever part of that dream. 

Instead, writers dream of a life that includes inspirational experiences, not endless meetings. We dream of creating and not selling. We dream of using our skills to help others succeed and not beating them into blind submission with confusing and petty office politics.

Every corporate writer I've ever known in my decade of experience was well-prepared with the same automated responses and expressions common to inhabitants of the corporate world.

It was the inevitable process of slowly dumbing-down the creative intellect and it took places in every corporation I ever worked for. 

If you are a writer, you get it on every level

You're tired of taking direction from those who haven't a freaking clue what your job is like. You're sick of the petty department politics expertly practiced by corporate figureheads that make Real Housewives seem like the Gilmore Girls.

You're simply done with all the BS that trickles down from HR and you yearn for your real writer's life to be a reality once again. You wonder if it's too late to start over and if you have what it takes to make such a change.

The reason you feel this way

You feel like a square peg in the round corporate hole (did I just write that?), because you know that you'll never truly fit in there.

No corporate writer, if they are honest with themselves, can say with conviction that their writing dream is to sit in boring meetings with non-writers and navigate between the egos in the room. 

No corporate writer can say with a straight face that they envision a life with more meetings, less inspiration, and yes...give-it-up-folks...two-weeks of vacation each year to recover from the previous 50. Woohoo!

No corporate writer that has two brain cells that talk to one another can honestly state with hand-over-heart that the corporate office life rocks their socks off.

Imagine a different life

Imagine a life much different than the one you occupy. I say occupy because if can't really qualify as living; it never was for me.

  • Imagine a life where you decide what projects to work on. 
  • Imagine a life where you decide which client meets your standards and who you'll choose for your team
  • Imagine a life where the line between work and play becomes so blurred that you don't even recall  where it is

That's life I lead. That's the life that nearly all MB owners lead.

It's a life that consists of choices instead of dictates; a life that filled with rewards rather than incentives. 

It's a life. It's a real life.