Today, More than Ever Before, You Need to Evaluate Where You Are & Where You Want to Be


It's nearly six o'clock in the evening on November 9, 2016 - a day after Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. As much as I would like to express my deep-seated feelings about his candidacy and his resulting election, this isn't the place nor the time.

However, it's the perfect time to pause and assess in light of the potential global impact of his Presidency. Given the the US President is considered the unofficial 'leader of the free world,' it gives me great cause for concern given the protests taking place and the emotions being both felt and expressed by the world's populace.

One of first thoughts I had after coming to acceptance that his election was real, was this:

"Today I need to absolutely serious about building my MB into a thriving enterprise that would survive any economy."

I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that I have complete control over what kind of work I do and how much I earn regardless of the economic climate.

Do you have this same certainty?

Do you feel certain that your income is secure despite the downturn in today's global markets? If not, then you have some thinking to do, my friend. You need to be thinking about potential global events and how you want to position yourself to survive and thrive even in uncertain times. It's my belief that a minimalist business, one that travels with you everywhere you go, is the only safe way to generate consistent revenue independent of economic and political events.

Please Note: I don't have anything to sell you so my concern for your welfare is from the heart.

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