7 Reasons to Start a Minimalist Business Today



So you've decided to start a minimalist business (MB). That's great and to further motivate you, here's a post that reviews the 7 best reasons to get started right away.

Reason 1 - Low Start Up Cost

A MB can be started for nearly $0. Because we live in an age where free wifi is available almost everywhere, even if you don't have an Internet connection at home, you can still start and run your MB with barely any start-up costs. That's because MBs are virtual and are created first in your mind, then in your laptop, and published on the interwebs.  

Reason 2 - You Already Have Everything You Need

Seriously, it's already in your lap. Because wifi is available free-of-cost at every Starbucks Coffee location (and numerous other retail locations), if you've got a sound business idea and a laptop, you've already got everything you need to create and run a thriving MB. There are YouTube stars that never pay for wifi and do all of their video uploading from Starbucks...for free...although they should buy a cup o' Joe to be nice about it.  8-) 

Reason 3 - Your Current Job Isn't Safe

At age 56, I found this out the hardest way possible. On Friday, December 13, 2013 my job of eight years was eliminated overnight. Even after I'd helped my employer win over $5 billion (with a B) in project awards over that eight year period, I was history with the stroke of a pen. Trust me, no job is safe any longer. Corporations, even successful ones with a long history of success, can go out of business overnight and leave you out in the cold. They can also decide that you don't matter and in most states, they never even have to give you a reason for doing so. A MB puts you in control of your future.

Reason 4 - Two Weeks of Vacation per Year Is a Crime

In the US, two-weeks of vacation is a standard corporate benefit. But if you think about it, it's a cruel joke designed to keep you addicted to the corporate utter. I don't now many people who can execute a really relaxing vacation in just two weeks. You barely arrive at your destination before it's time to pack up and return. A MB allows you to place your lifestyle above your source of income. A MB can fund your vacation lifestyle if that's the kind of life you want to live. A MB gives you the opportunity to create a lifestyle that's relaxing and fun instead of one that is centered around your commute.

Reason 5 - Autonomy Over Your Career and Your Life

Who knew that the four-hour workweek was actually possible? A MB, once it's up and running, is typically one that demands you work far less than 8 hours per day. Although, I think MB owners are drawn to working on their MB whenever they can or need to because it seems more like play than work. That's the beauty of creating automated MB systems - they allow you to do what you want while your MB takes care of customers and clients...and makes you money while you sleep. Trust me on this - it's great to wake up to more money in your bank account that when you went to bed. 

Reason 6 - You Get to Do Work Your Love

There are two kind of work: meaningful work and stupid work. Your MB will be based on work you love because it's congruent with what you're best at doing. That the definition of meaningful work; it's the kind of work that you'd do for free if you had $10 million in the bank. That's the kind of work you'll get to do in your MB. What could be better that doing work you love? A MB is your path to doing meaningful work forever.

Reason 7 - You Get to Impact the World the Way You've Always Dreamed of Doing

Chris Guillebeau, blogger and author of The $100 Start Up and Born For This, calls this ability to impact the world 'world domination.' That's the goal of your MB and that will be its natural outcome because your MB will be based on what you love to do and what you do best. With a MB you get to impact the world in a way you've always dreamed. You get to be the change you want to see in the world.