4 Reasons Blogging Is Still the Most Effective Way to Attract Loyal Readers and Customers


For a Minimalist Business (MB), blogging is the practice of providing informative, free content for your target audience on a regular basis. That content can be composed of various media including writing, video, podcasts, or static photos, depending on the focus of the MB. 

Because a MB is encountered online, blogging's recurrent content engages visitors and, if done well, keeps them coming back for more helpful content. In this post, I want to explain how blogging is still the best way to attract loyal readers and customers.

1. Blogging lets you share who you are with your readers

Your blog content should be comprised of a mix of information and personality. There is perhaps no greater example of this than that of my colleague Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project. In every post and page, Ash's sassy, authoritative personality shines through. Every photo screams that she's definitely large-and-in-charge...but actually not large at all. (Love you, Ash!)  8-) 

Your readers need to connect with you and not just your content. Therefore, sprinkling in your personality here and there is a really wise thing to do. Because your potential customers and clients will buy from people they know and trust, it's imperative that they get to know you. You can accomplish this with video posts as well as in your narrative content. Ash's narrative is excellent in this regard. Go school yourself for a bit and read a few of her posts. 

2. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your motivation

Whatever the motivation behind your MB, be aware that it will be blatantly apparent. What do I mean by that? I mean that if your motivation is just to make money from your readers, it will be obvious. Your content will be focused on you and your products. There will be very little in terms of epic shit that you give away for free.

Conversely, if your motivation is to honestly help others on their way toward success, that will shine through as well. Your content will be reader focused and not so much on you (though as we'll learn in a minute, a little of you every now and then is a good thing).

You simply can't hide your motivation. So make certain it's an honorable one because if it isn't, you will lose interest in your project very quickly, your readership will be dismal, and your reputation sullied. Who needs that, right?  :roll: 

3. Blogging reinforces your brand

Your brand -that visual and ethereal quality that makes your site memorable- is what you make it. How to develop a brand for your MB requires more content that is appropriate in this post, but the take home message is this: your blog should consistently communicate your brand to your readers.

Because you're a blogger, you get this, right? And as we stated above, your blog's content can be a mix of video, narrative posts, and anything else you think effectively communicates who you are and what you stand for.

Exploring your brand is a life-long process. You don't have to have everything figured out when you start your MB. It's also something that will evolve with you as your mission and your MB evolves.

4. Guest blogging can dramatically grow your readership

Guess blogging / posting is at the concept of writing a blog post for another blogger's site. When most effective, guest posts appear on blogs that have a similar target audience and share one or more common demographics, such as problems addressed, outcomes caught, similar lifestyle choices, etc.

Generally guest authors are allowed an author's box wherein you can insert a link back your own blog. If the host blog has a solid readership and your post fits in well with its demographics, a significant referral of traffic can occur.

And if not, hey - you've gotten your name out there on a significant blog and that can last a very long time. Traffic that trickles in never time is better than no traffic!

How will you communicate and reinforce your brand in your blog? The sky is the limit and there are no real rules to follow other than be consistent and honest and reader focused.