3 Highly Personal Perks My Own Minimalist Business Offers Me (and will mostly likely offer you as well)


I have one Minimalist Business (MB) spread across three websites. They each serve a different demographic, hence the separate websites. But my MB, regardless of the site I'm working on at any given moment, offers me some highly personal perks.

In this post I'm going to share these with you and tell you why they're only available via a MB.

Perk #1 ~ Approving every vacation request

Regardless of how often I request a holiday, it gets automatically approved. It doesn't even matter how long of a vacation I specify, it still gets approved. Obviously, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the point is made. Because I run a MB that travels with my everywhere, it doesn't matter if I'm in town or out of town. Gone are the days when I was subject to being in California on a Friday and Alaska the following Monday.

When I was working for a corporation, my vacation time was metered out according to policy. I wasn't allowed more than three weeks per year and that was after nearly eight years of service. Human Resources professionals will tell you that this is standard across the U.S. Still there are a few corporations that realize their greatest assets are their employees and not their Wall Street stock values. Unfortunately, I never worked for one of those.

When you own and operate your MB, you get to choose where you work. If you want to work from somewhere in Panama, you can. If you want to take a train across the country or a motorcycle across Asia, you can. And all the while, you can plan work days into your travel.

Perk #2 ~ Choosing what projects I work on

There is only one person I consult when choosing how to structure my workday -me. Gone are the days when some faceless VP promulgated a magnum opus email dictating my duties for the next few weeks. As a minimalist business owner (MBO), if I don't feel like working on my next book, then I'm free to choose another aspect of my MB to work on. No one cares because there is no one to care but me.

Autonomy over your work is extremely rare in the corporate environment. There is alway someone willing to dictate what you need to be doing and when it needs to get done. Unless you're operating a MB, you've got to answer to someone. As an MBO, I answer to my readers and customers. Believe me, it's a far better world.

Perk #3 ~ Charting my own future

I alone get to decide how high I can fly. There is no policy in my MB that states that I can't have a title with the word 'Senior' in it. Back when I was a corporate employee, I came to a point in my annual review when I argued for the title, Sr. Proposal Manager. I was told that there wasn't an official designation for that. So, I had business cards made with Sr. Proposal Manager on them and no one said a word. Big fucking deal, right?

That experience, however, was just a microcosm of the overall dysfunction in the corporate environment where I worked. Instead of realizing that a change in title would satisfy me and keep me happy for another year, the corporation actually fought me on this. My boss and his boss, one of the faceless VPs, held a meeting with me just to tell me it wasn't possible. But in their next breath they told me I needed to fly 1,500 miles the following morning and stay in Alaska for two weeks.

Gone are the days when I'll allow a corporation to dictate what title appears on my business card or where I need to be. It's a nice place to be.

These same perks are available to every MBO...even you

Sit back for a minute and close your eyes. Imagine that you're no longer working for the corporate entity where you are now. Imagine waking up and being in total control of the rest of your life. 

For some, you might be sacred shitless, but for others it totally gets your juices flowing. 

That's how you know your MB material.