My Top 10 Tips for Launching Your Minimalist Business Platform without Stressing Out, Drinking All the Vodka in the House, or Calling Your Therapist


Does the thought of launching your MB's online platform fill you with dread?

There's no need.

Here's a quick down-and-dirty list of the 10 actions I would take to get a new MB up and running within a day and all without pulling my hair out, drinking copious amounts of coffee (or vodka), ar calling my therapist for a quick talk-me-off-the-cliff session.

1. Go to and secure your domain name (affiliate link) is as good a place as any to secure your domain name for your MB platform. You need a place to host your platform (your website) so that it appears online to visitors. I don't advise using a free blog site like blogspot or because if that provider suffers a shutdown, then all your content goes with it. You want a self-hosted WordPress blog and you'll see that term pop in your tasks.

2. Secure your domain hosting while at

Do this while you're already there at BlueHost. Their hosting plans are less than $6/month. No excuse not to do this now.

3. Install WordPress

WordPress is blogging software that will run your entire MB platform. If you've ever used MS Word or a Mac, it's a no-brainer to learn. It's so straightforward a 5th grade could do it. Oh, and Wordpress is free and so are the updates.

4. Choose a free WP theme

There's no need to pay for a premium themes if this is your first time doing this. When WordPress installs (see step 3), it will install a bland theme. You can shop for a theme that you like within the dashboard by Clicking on Appearance >>Themes and a whole host of options will present themselves. Scroll through them and click install on one you like and then you have a new theme. Easy.

5. Set up your branded email account

Within your hosting company's dashboard, set up an email account for your domain name. Mine is Your should be It's best to have a professional looking email address when you're in business. When it's done, set up your mail account on your smart phone or tablet or laptop. I have mine on both my iPhone and my MacBook (I don't own a tablet).

6. Create two social media accounts for your MB

I suggest you don't overdo this step. Get a Twitter account for your business and a Facebook page to start with. Both can be accomplished in about 30 minutes. If you already have established social media accounts on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., feel free to add them over time. I limit mine to Twitter and Facebook as you can see at the top of the page.

7. Take and post a good photo of yourself in the sidebar

My friends call me the selfie king because I'm aways taking selfies. But with the iPhone and all the other excellent cameras at our continual use, it's a great way to get a good photo. Your readers will want to see who you are. I take a bunch of shots and usually end of using only one or two and then delete the rest. In fact, the photo of me on this page (in the sidebar) was taken in a hotel room in Cookeville, Tennessee earlier this year when I rode my BMW across the country and back in three weeks. Seriously, I did that. It was totally badass!

Suggested Plugins
Suggested Plugins

8. Install your desired plugins

Plugins give your WordPress blog functionality. Your WP dashboard will show you a bunch of plugins. The one in the image to the right are the ones I'd recommend. The two with green check marks are those that I've paid for (optional), but most plugins are free. These are the ones I'd suggest at a minimum. Less if usually more.  8-) 

9. Tweak your settings

There is nothing set in stone in Wordpress. Everything can be changed. Experimenting with a good tagline that reflects your blog's mission and character can take a long time.  So play with it and see that works and resonates. You can always email me with any questions you might have. Seriously. 

10. Write 10 blog posts

Before you shriek in horror...yes, this one will take more than a day...even for me. But remember that a blog post can be a quote, a video, some photos, or a top ten list like this one. I suggest writing ten posts before you publish them to your blog. They will remain as drafts and then you can publish them all on the same day. That way visitor have some post to peruse. Each time you publish a post, tweet the link and paste it into your Facebook page as a post. 

What did I miss?

So there you have it. Ten tips to getting your MB up and running in a single day without become a substance abuser.

For you blogging veterans out there, I know there are probably other suggestions you'd have for a Top 10 list that I didn't include. Tell me about what I missed in the comments!