10 Reasons Why People Stay in Jobs They Can't Stand and What To Do About It


10 reasons people stay in jobs they can't stand

We humans will come up with a lot of reasons to rationalize our behavior. Take the topic of leaving one's day job. You know, that 9-to-5  that you've grown to intensely dislike? Yeah, that one.

Our mindset, when it comes to changing jobs, is nothing short of childlike at times.  We can come up with all kinds of reasons why we shouldn't take action.

Here are just some of the most common reasons.  I've heard many like these from people, young and not-so-young, about why they resist leaving their day job that they can't stand. See if any sound familiar:

  1. I need the money
  2. I need the benefits
  3. I'm too old to look for another job
  4. Why look, no one would hire me anyway
  5. I don't have any skills
  6. I don't any other experience
  7. I don't know where to start
  8. I can't risk not have a job
  9. My job is horrible, but it's a job
  10. Having a job is safer than starting a MB

OMG!  8-O 

Did you notice how self-defeating all of these excuses are? When we aren't willing to to do something, like look for a new job or even consider the possibility...we have become our own enemy.

Think about that for a minute. 

You have become your own enemy.

Isn't that the most insane concept that ever existed? It's the same as standing in front a mirror while live broadcasting on Facebook and saying out loud and on camera:

"You disgust me. I'm embarrassed to even be you. You're a stinking pile of crap and you make me physically ill."

Is that how you really feel? Or would it be safe to say that uttering these lame, self-defeating excuses is just another way of saying, 

"The amount of work required for me to make such a change is more than I can think about right now."

That's probably a lot closer to the truth. You're overwhelmed by the idea of leaving your job in order to start a MB. I totally get that. But as I've written in this post, there are others ways to leave that aren't so scary.

How to frame it differently

What if you could frame the idea differently? What if, instead of relying on a negative and self-defeating excuse that further drives your self-esteem into the gutter...you could look at this change as an opportunity to leave behind work you can't stand and embrace work you love?

How does that feel? A little better?

Because the reality is that you aren't too old or too unskilled. You're better able now to wow the socks off an interviewer than you were in the past . Oh, and there's this..your worst-case scenario? It's never as horrible, nor as likely, as your imagination makes it out to be.

But there's some truth here...and what  you're really saying is that change is, indeed, hard.

Change is hard, but it gets easier

Change is the most difficult when you're static. In my experience, those who typically avoid change can endure megadoses of pain and they are very slow to take action. They wear their resistance like a badge of honor. It' like they being to an elite club of curmudgeons whose motto is:

"When the pain of the status quo become too intense, only then will we move toward change. Hurrah!"   :mrgreen: 

There's a much healthier alternative

Embracing change is a mindset shift. That's why after mustering all your strength and resolve to take the first baby step toward real change, suddenly you don't feel so afraid anymore. You're like, "Hmm, that wasn't so bad."

The more often you take baby steps, the more steps you'll want to take; and the baby steps lead to longer strides.

Soon the longer strides become small leaps and then giant leaps. NIt's not long before you're leaping over a building ins single bound...just like Superman, Woman, person. :-)

And it all begins with simple shift in how you frame your reality. What can you shift in your thinking that would make starting a MB possible?

A baby step I recommend

I recommend downloading and reading my new book, Minimalist Business Formula - 6 Essential Elements for Building a Thriving Minimalist Business.

If you haven't read it yet, please use the form below and join the rest of the Digital Nomads who've taken this baby step. 

Taking a baby step toward change is your only way out. Take it today. I promise it will be painless.